Nueva Serie Bilingüe / New Bilingual Series: Doña Perfecta

¡Este libro contiene la versión original en español y una traducción al inglés!

This book contains the original novel in Spanish as well as a complete English translation!

Doña Perfecta is the first book in a series that best defines the meaning of our bilingual publishing house. Read the Spanish, read the English, or read them both!

Pepe Rey, matemático y sobrino de Doña Perfecta viaja desde la urbe a Orbajosa para casarse con Rosario, su prima. Mete la pata de inmediato con Inocencio, el “penitenciario,” diciendo liberalidades. Le acusan de ateo. Perfecta no da ninguna libertad a Rosario porque no quiere que se casen, pero ya se han enamorado. Añade a esta tensión la llegada de las tropas, un abogado y planes para un secuestro entre los sentimentos de culpabilidad de una chica enamorada y tienes la melodramática y teatral trama de Doña Perfecta.

Los personajes de Galdós, psicológicamente verosímiles, están motivados por pasión en vez de ideologías. Tienden a ver el mundo a través de los cristales deformadores de sus prejuicios particulares, lo que es tan cierto de los personajes «buenos» como de los «malos». Se señalan los puntos de vista estrechos y conservadores de las pequeñas comunidades, su oscurantismo y prejuicios. Pero se describe la sociedad de Madrid como superficial y frívola. La rígida visión que tiene doña Perfecta de la religión triunfa sobre su reacción inmediata, de verdadero cariño, hacia Pepe, y distorsiona la opinión que tiene de él. El choque de prejuicios se convierte en un choque de personalidades a medida que avanza la novela, que termina de manera llena de suspense y sorpresas.

Nuestra edición digital incluye los textos completos y un índice activo para fácil navegación entre las versiones.

Debido a las ideas cambiantes del autor, existen por lo menos tres versiones del final del libro. Las dos versiones de esta edición corresponden al final B. La existencia de una variedad de finales agrega muchos colores más al caleidoscopio que es Doña Perfecta. Es muy recomendable que los busques.

Pepe Rey, a mathematician and nephew of Doña Perfecta, travels from the capital to Orbajosa to marry his cousin Rosario. He immediately makes social gaffes with Inocencio “the penitentiary,” discussing liberal policies. Pepe is accused of being an atheist. Perfecta does not want the marriage to take place and puts Rosario on lockdown, but the two have already fallen in love. Add to these tensions the arrival of the troops, a lawyer and plans to run away together amid the guilty feelings of a girl in love and you have the theatrical, thrilling plot of Doña Perfecta.

Galdós’s psychologically realistic characters are motivated by passion instead of ideology. The “good” ones as much as the “bad” ones tend to see the world through the deforming lenses of their own prejudices. The conservative, narrow points of view of small towns are highlighted, but Madrid society is described as superficial and frivolous. Doña Perfecta’s strict sense of religion triumphs over her first, sincere feelings of affection for Pepe and distorts her opinion of him. The clash of prejudices becomes a clash of personalities as the novel goes on, and ends in a suspenseful, surprising scene.

Our digital edition includes the complete texts and an interactive table of contents that make navigation between the versions simple. The English translation absorbs the final Spanish chapter into the second-to-last, probably because the original last chapter is so short.

Due to the author’s changing ideas, at least three versions of the ending exist. The two versions of this edition correspond to ending “B.” All these different endings add another splash of color to the kaleidoscope that is Doña Perfecta and it’s highly recommended to investigate them.

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The Long Arm of the Law in Medieval Spain

Our first new nonfiction title is making its debut! If you are the author of a history or literary criticism book about Spain, especially Spain in the Middle Ages, this is your invitation to submit a query or proposal to

Although their milieu bore striking similarities to the Wild West, the people of medieval Spain were preoccupied with constructing valid laws and learning how best to abide by them. This obsession with legality comes out in epics, songs, stories, and even in miracles of the Virgin Mary.

Scholars have largely failed to see the usefulness of considering the different types of text produced under Alfonso X together, preferring to look at them in isolation or in conjunction with later literature. By investigating what the varied projects of Alfonso X’s scriptorium have in common, as well as how they diverge, we can better approach the underlying ideals manifested in each text. The thirteenth-century society they portray then comes into brilliant focus.

This book proposes a new direction for all such studies by suggesting unprecedented comparison between the Cantigas and the other texts from Alfonso X’s scriptorium. The legislative program, which presents the guidelines for daily life, manifests the king’s theoretical model for an ideal society. In the Cantigas de Santa Maria, time and again, these same ideals are dramatized for the edification of their public. In these songs, Alfonso allows Mary to work for him, promoting his political program for Castile. Specifically, the legal material not only supports Cantigas analyses, but also provides a theoretical context against which the miracle stories play out. Comparing the outcomes with the legal ideal gives a more realistic and comprehensive picture of every day life all over Alfonso X’s Iberia. Both texts fulfill a didactic function that unifies the king’s disparate works and forms the foundation of Castilian culture.

This digital edition contains 30 color illustrations for color e-readers and a completely interactive table of contents and footnotes for easy navigation.

This title will be available in paperback by the end of the year, at which time anyone purchasing the digital edition can write to for a free pdf to use for scholarly citation purposes.

Digital editions available now for Kindle or Nook.

Una lectura llena de escalofríos

Nos adelantamos un poco al Halloween ofreciendo a nuestros lectores una antología perfecta para las noches solitarias.

Esta nueva antología incluye las Noches lúgubres de José Cadalso, los poemas más sombríos de Edgar Allan Poe (con un prólogo de Rubén Darío), los Cuentos de amor, de locura y de muerte de Horacio Quiroga y los cuentos plenamente sorprendentes del ruso Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev. ¡Esta antología es para leer únicamente cuando tengas ganas de escalofríos!

Ni Cadalso, ni Poe, ni Quiroga requiere introducción, tal es su fama de escritores de lo más lúgubre. Son historias y poemas con que te quedarás asombrado y querrás leer una y otra vez por su fascinación y poder. Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev fue uno de los más prolíficos escritores rusos, pero es poco probable que hayas leído uno de sus cuentos. Empezando con “Los espectros” y continuando con cuentos magistrales de toda índole, esta colección nos ha parecido el perfecto punto final a nuestra antología.

Nuestra edición llega a tus manos en formato perfecto con un índice activo. Es recomendable que se lean los poemas de Poe con un tamaño de letras muy pequeño si es posible para poder entender la intención original para la separación de versos.

Disponible ya para KindleNook.

Now Available: Women’s Short Stories from Jessica Knauss

Available to the reading public for the first time in this collection, the long story “Threads Woven” is a masterpiece of dialogue, artistic inspiration, and self confidence: Miriam seeks artistic inspiration in a writing class. Feeling ever more alone, with her husband busy in a career and with a beautiful new running partner, her daughter unavailable and her classmates thirty years younger than she is, Miriam finds communion and inspiration in another drifting soul, in Chinese food, and in an old quilt.

Fulfilling your greatest fantasies of having and holding some of Jessica Knauss’s famous short stories for your very own, this collection also includes the previously published favorites “Justine,” “Job Fair,” “Calcium-Rich,” and “Slippers.” They all explore some aspect of women’s lives in a unique or even weird way, whether it’s jealousy, career frustration, chemical balance, or unique flexibilities.

The never-before-seen romantic comedy/revenge fantasy “Club Love” and frustration/envy allegory “Green Hot” round out the collection on a note of righteous rage. Note: it’s important that your sense of humor veer toward male-bashing in order to appreciate the last two stories and “Justine.” The author does not condone hatred of the male gender as a group, but has set this collection apart as a celebration of women’s creativity, beauty, and power.

Click here for more information and links to the full published stories!

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Now in English! Birds Without a Nest (Aves sin nido)

At last in a professional digital edition for English-speaking readers! 

Because she was the first to expose the appalling treatment of the natives of Peru, Clorinda Matto de Turner was excommunicated from the Catholic church, burned in effigy, and forced to emigrate to Argentina. She gained her notoriety with this book, which has been compared to Uncle Tom’s Cabin for its role in the social change of the country. It tells the story of a young upper class couple from Lima who move to the sierra, where they meet the native Peruvians, learn about their problems and forge friendships. The exploitative authorities come after the couple with murderous intent, thus beginning an epic story of family, revenge, legal drama, nature, political corruption and most of all, love. Birds Without a Nest openly criticizes the local government, law professionals and clergy of the time while remaining a simply enchanting novel that was an instant bestseller and maintains its relevance and importance today.

The anonymous translator abridged the original Spanish by some 20,000 words he seems to have thought were too obscure and detailed about the court case to be of interest for English readers. All the personal drama and excitement is intact. We hope to be able to offer a complete translation eventually, at which time your receipt of this purchase will entitle you to a free copy of the updated version!

Our digital edition contains a complete interactive table of contents, a short glossary of terms in the form of endnotes, and an unsurpassed absence of errors.

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Ahora por primera vez en formato digital: El Abencerraje

El libro clásico de 1565, por primera vez en edición digital. Hemos modernizado la ortografía para facilitar la lectura. Es ya nuestro libro más vendido. No te pierdas la oportunidad de leer este cuento encantador que Juan de Timoneda, Sebastián de Covarrubias y Miguel de Cervantes alabaron y Lope de Vega usó para su comedia El remedio en la desdicha.

Abindarráez (el Abencerraje) anda tan enamorado de la hermosa Jarifa que cuando es preso por Rodrigo de Narváez, le pide que le libere por solo tres días para poder casarse con ella. Lo que pasa después nos enseña que el amor y la amistad pueden más que la guerra, ¡incluso durante la Reconquista en el siglo XV!

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Coming soon: We’re working on an English version of this enchanting title now!

Now Available: Coming-of-Age Romance Novels by Young Author Marie Danielle Frankson

The Transfer of Age

The Transfer of Age

High school is a huge turning point in everyone’s lives. High school is a period when you’re trying to figure out where you want to be in life, who you want to become, and have to remember to stay true to yourself at the same time. There are daily stresses, some huge moments that make you gawk in awe, some successes, and drama runs rampant. This teenager went through all that and more, as you will see… this, the journey through high school, is the Transfer of Age.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” –Sylvia Plath

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

People always say that so much changes after high school, and they are right. It’s almost as if you’re walking a tightrope and performing a balancing act, hoping that you don’t fall and get hurt in the process. This is the continuation of The Transfer of Age and we see our protagonist face new hardships while still trying to find out who she really is.

“What’s really fun is reading your journal, like a year later, or even a month, and realizing how much you’ve changed. You’re looking at something you said, something you really meant at the time, and you’re like, ‘I can’t believe I ever really believed that! I am such an asshole!’ I think that’s the best thing about growing up.” – Cameron Díaz

Reading these books, you become privy to the most intimate thoughts, feelings, and yearnings of a sensitive young woman.

The Transfer of Age: Kindle | Nook

Balancing Act: Kindle | Nook

See more about Marie Danielle Frankson on our Autores/Authors page! Her books are also available in paperback.

Los libros de Marie no están disponibles en español en este momento.





Now Available in Digital Formats: Sail To Italy and Sail From Italy

Sail To Italy and Sail From Italy

Both books in the Sailing Italy Series in one handy volume!

1. What if the Princess of Italy had only the help of her friends to solve the mystery of her father’s murder? What if the Prince of Germany wanted to marry the Princess of Italy in a coldhearted grab for power? This book answers these and other burning questions. Along the way, the reader journeys at sea, meets pirates, bankers, and cousins, spends some time in the dungeon and very nearly gets married. Sail To Italy is a silly story with exotic locations, pirates, mistaken identity, royalty, blacksmithing, romance, and adventure.

2. What if the Queen of Italy and her best friend were the targets of a mad killer? What if the only way to save their own lives was to travel to Spain? Sail From Italy ties up the loose ends from Sail To Italy. Javier gets to visit his beloved homeland. Carlovita has to fight for her man. Tony confronts the secrets from his past that separated him from the royal Italian family twenty years before. We find out what Repual Gofinick is really like, and discover the soft side of Pirate Pierre. We also have an absurdist interlude in the finest hotel in Hortaleza and a thrilling chase scene in the harbor at Torreblanca.

Together, these books are over 18,000 words – a fast, fun read for people who have not developed beyond the emotional and intellectual level of a thirteen-year-old. Seriously, if you can’t think like someone thirteen or younger, this book is not for you. Why do I put the cap at thirteen? Because that’s how old I was when I wrote them. In fact, many thirteen-year-olds might be a little too world-weary for this series. Use of these books should probably be limited to people twelve and under, or to hardworking adults who still understand the wonder of one’s first trip away from home, and the innocence of falling in love for the first time.

See them at the wonderful site

Get them in Kindle here and in epub for Nook here. A paperback version has debuted! It’s also here.

Este libro no está disponible en español en este momento.

Nuestro primer libro/Our First Title: Don Quijote de la Mancha

Don Quijote de Miguel de Cervantes

No seríamos una editorial de todo lo mejor en español si no intentáramos distribuir Don Quijote de la Mancha en una edición digital de la más alta calidad, con las dos partes completas de 1605 y 1615 además de una tabla de contenido para fácil navegación por el libro. Así nuestra primera publicación es El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha por Miguel de Cervantes.

El Quijote es el libro más mítico de la literatura castellana y los críticos creen que es la primera novela moderna. Más importante, es una lectura genial que te gustará siempre. Publicado en 1605 y 1615, todavía asombra con su imaginación. Cada uno tendrá una interpretación del hidalgo loco, que empieza lidiando los molinos y termina encariñándose en el corazón del lector. No te pierdas esta oportunidad para leer el Quijote sin gastar mucho dinero.

Esta edición incluye: el texto completo y original de las dos partes, una corta biografía de Miguel de Cervantes (en inglés) y una detallada tabla de contenido “interactiva.” Cómpratelo en epub (Nook) o para Kindle o directamente de la editorial enviando sólo $5.00 a nuestro cuenta Paypal: acedrexpublishing at

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, Translated by John Ormsby

What kind of Spanish publisher would we be if we didn’t try to do our part to disseminate Don Quixote in English and Spanish in a professionally-done digital format, complete and with an interactive table of contents? No Spanish publisher at all! And so, our first featured release is Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes (and translated by the faithful-as-can-be John Ormsby).

Don Quixote de La Mancha ranks among the top 100 books of all time and is considered by many to be the first modern novel. First published in 1605 and 1615, it still astonishes with its genius and imagination. Everyone has his or her own interpretation of the mad nobleman who begins by tilting at windmills and ends up insinuating himself into every corner of the reader’s heart and mind. Don’t miss this unequalled opportunity to read this incredible book at an affordable price.

The John Ormsby translation is the “truest” English version ever produced. Ormsby neither adds nor subtracts from Cervantes’s original.

This edition includes the complete text of both parts in Ormsby’s translation, Ormsby’s informative preface, a “quick and simple” biography of the author after the main text, and a detailed interactive table of contents. Buy it in epub (Nook) or Kindle or directly from the publisher by submitting only $5.00 to our Paypal account acedrexpublishing at