Now in English! Birds Without a Nest (Aves sin nido)

At last in a professional digital edition for English-speaking readers! 

Because she was the first to expose the appalling treatment of the natives of Peru, Clorinda Matto de Turner was excommunicated from the Catholic church, burned in effigy, and forced to emigrate to Argentina. She gained her notoriety with this book, which has been compared to Uncle Tom’s Cabin for its role in the social change of the country. It tells the story of a young upper class couple from Lima who move to the sierra, where they meet the native Peruvians, learn about their problems and forge friendships. The exploitative authorities come after the couple with murderous intent, thus beginning an epic story of family, revenge, legal drama, nature, political corruption and most of all, love. Birds Without a Nest openly criticizes the local government, law professionals and clergy of the time while remaining a simply enchanting novel that was an instant bestseller and maintains its relevance and importance today.

The anonymous translator abridged the original Spanish by some 20,000 words he seems to have thought were too obscure and detailed about the court case to be of interest for English readers. All the personal drama and excitement is intact. We hope to be able to offer a complete translation eventually, at which time your receipt of this purchase will entitle you to a free copy of the updated version!

Our digital edition contains a complete interactive table of contents, a short glossary of terms in the form of endnotes, and an unsurpassed absence of errors.

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