Now Available in Digital Formats: Sail To Italy and Sail From Italy

Sail To Italy and Sail From Italy

Both books in the Sailing Italy Series in one handy volume!

1. What if the Princess of Italy had only the help of her friends to solve the mystery of her father’s murder? What if the Prince of Germany wanted to marry the Princess of Italy in a coldhearted grab for power? This book answers these and other burning questions. Along the way, the reader journeys at sea, meets pirates, bankers, and cousins, spends some time in the dungeon and very nearly gets married. Sail To Italy is a silly story with exotic locations, pirates, mistaken identity, royalty, blacksmithing, romance, and adventure.

2. What if the Queen of Italy and her best friend were the targets of a mad killer? What if the only way to save their own lives was to travel to Spain? Sail From Italy ties up the loose ends from Sail To Italy. Javier gets to visit his beloved homeland. Carlovita has to fight for her man. Tony confronts the secrets from his past that separated him from the royal Italian family twenty years before. We find out what Repual Gofinick is really like, and discover the soft side of Pirate Pierre. We also have an absurdist interlude in the finest hotel in Hortaleza and a thrilling chase scene in the harbor at Torreblanca.

Together, these books are over 18,000 words – a fast, fun read for people who have not developed beyond the emotional and intellectual level of a thirteen-year-old. Seriously, if you can’t think like someone thirteen or younger, this book is not for you. Why do I put the cap at thirteen? Because that’s how old I was when I wrote them. In fact, many thirteen-year-olds might be a little too world-weary for this series. Use of these books should probably be limited to people twelve and under, or to hardworking adults who still understand the wonder of one’s first trip away from home, and the innocence of falling in love for the first time.

See them at the wonderful site

Get them in Kindle here and in epub for Nook here. A paperback version has debuted! It’s also here.

Este libro no está disponible en español en este momento.

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