The Abencerraje, Free This Week

The days you’ve been waiting for have arrived! The Abencerraje is now free for Kindle through this Friday. See the original publication announcement here. The Abencerraje is now endorsed by two men of distinguished tastes, Stan Coombs and Seymour Hamilton. Please get your free Kindle version here and tell every history lover you know to get theirs!

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Love and Friendship in Times of War

This translation has been in the works for an entire year, in spite of its short length. We’re proud to present it to you in Kindle now, with a dual language paperback soon to follow and epub versions later this year.

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A heartwarming tale of love and friendship in a time when no one could imagine anything but war.

This is a classic story of the exotic landscape of medieval Spain, written about 1551, in a new, easy to read English translation. Abindarráez is so in love with beautiful Jarifa that when he is taken prisoner by Rodrigo de Narváez, he asks to be freed for only two days so that he can marry her. What happens next shows that love and friendship are stronger than war, even during the final stages of the the Reconquest of Spain.

This edition includes:
• A never-before-published translation of El Abencerraje
• Useful explanatory notes
• A short, original introductory essay

The translation tries to transmit all the meaning and charm of the original while untangling its complex syntax. Don’t miss the opportunity to read this enchanting book in English!

Endorsed by Independent Judge of Niceness Stanley Coombs.

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Historia de las Guerras de Granada para nuestros lectores

Viendo que la Historia de la célebre reina de España doña Juana sigue siendo nuestro libro más vendido, hemos pensado que tal vez os gustaría más libros de historia de la misma época.

“Memorable fue el año…”

Esta edición conveniente presenta dos obras de dos autores excelentes con el mismo título — Guerra de Granada — aunque cada autor escribe de una época distinta.

La extensa obra de Palencia, traducida del latín original, narra los acontecimientos ligados a la reconquista de Granada por los reyes católicos desde su inicio hasta la toma de Baza en 1489. Palencia era un historiador muy respetado que vivió los momentos sobre los cuales escribe y aporta su erudición y una exactitud inusual para la época a la escritura. Resulta ser un reportaje acerca de los amoríos y la política en la corte castellana tanto como un contexto de batallas, con detalles que hay que vivir para saber. Cada “Libro” o capítulo viene encabezado de un resumen de los acontecimientos importantes.

Para Diego de Hurtado la Guerra de Granada es la sublevación de los moriscos en 1568-1570, y escribe su libro a partir de sus propias experiencias militares y políticas en las Alpujarras. Hurtado fue una figura importante en la corte de su tiempo y un poeta respetable. Encontrarás sus poemas en las antologías de literatura del Siglo de Oro. Participó en esta guerra durante un exilio forzado. Sus hechos en las Alpujarras le ganaron acceso a la corte antes de morir.

Los dos libros son imprescindibles para entender la trayectoria de la historia en Granada a la misma vez que deleitan.

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The Last Days of Granada by One of the Most Popular English Writers of All Time

Leila, or The Siege of Granada by Edward Bulwer Lytton

From the same pen that brought us The Last Days of Pompeii and such unforgettable phrases as “the great unwashed,” “pursuit of the almighty dollar,” “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and the famous opening line “It was a dark and stormy night,” come these two feverishly romantic stories set in Golden Age Spain. Lytton was giving the public what it wanted and lived a life of renown, praise, riches, and some ribbing because of it.

Both books are well researched. While reading Edward Bulwer Lytton feels like a guilty pleasure, you might learn something, too.

Leila, Or The Siege of Granada takes place in late 1491, on the eve of the fall of the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, Granada. See the courtly intrigue and mighty battles from both sides — but mostly from the side of the defeated. It’s the side favored by the romantics, anyway. Witness Boabdil’s courageous last stand, and be there with him when he heaves the “last sigh” that is still commemorated at a vista toward the Alhambra today.

Calderon the Courtier tells the shorter tale of a forbidden love, deception, and betrayal at the court of King Felipe III.

This well-formatted edition includes an interactive table of contents and several explanatory footnotes from the first edition. Many original spelling errors have been corrected. This is, hands down, the cleanest edition of these works available.

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