Stories of Spain to Enchant You

It might seem as if there’s nothing going on at Açedrex since the turn of the year — au contraire! We’re working on some big, time-consuming projects behind the scenes. We’ll unveil them as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, I’ve been inspired to share with you the kind of books I was able to find as a young reader — books full of romance and exoticism: books written about the grand idea of “Spain” by non-Spanish authors. I present our latest release, Stories of Spain.

This beautifully edited e-book contains two short novels. “The Pretty Sister of José” is a sweetly passionate story of love spurned and requited, complete with flamenco singers and bullfighters, all lovingly described by the pen of the incomparable Frances Hodgson Burnett. This story includes the charming original illustrations with plenty of ruffled dresses, bolero hats, flowers, and longing looks.

The second story, “Carmen” by the great Prosper Merimee, was the basis for the libretto of Bizet’s opera, a story of tidal passions and love gone wrong told with that unmistakeable, wry sense of humor. It has the added bonus of Merimee’s extensive anthropological studies of Spanish gypsies of the early 1800’s and explanatory footnotes.

Two distinct views of the romance of Spain by two writers you can rely on for an enjoyable read.

Available now for Kindle US | Kindle España | Nook

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