The Law in Thirteenth-Century Spain, Now in Paperback

December is going to be Açedrex’s medieval month, and I’m happy to start it off with the fulfillment of a promise I made in September: Law and Order in Medieval Spain is now available in paperback here, and soon in many, many other venues where your library or bookstore will be able to order it.

The print edition is improved over the digital version with accurate plate numbering and overall editing. I’ve made it as affordable as possible and hope you will enjoy it. It’s a very good looking book.

If you have written a treatise on medieval Spanish literature, in Spanish or in English, and would like to see your work in print, please submit.

Please see the first post for a complete description and information on how you can get a free pdf of this book if you were one of the three people who bought a digital copy. Yes, three people! That’s a bestseller for academic non-fiction!

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