Unpredictable Worlds Releases in Kindle and Softcover Today!

Unpredictable Worlds

Unpredictable Worlds, the book of anything-but-cookie-cutter short stories you’ve been waiting for, releases today!

A teacher controls her students with an edible microchip. A reporter turns into a rhinoceros. A couple’s efforts to eat local go frighteningly awry. If you’re looking to be surprised, puzzled, or just plain entertained, pick up this omnibus. There’s something for everyone!

More than twenty years in the making, Unpredictable Worlds contains all of Jessica Knauss’s published and prize-winning short fiction as of March 2015 and a few of her best stories never before seen in print or ebook. Zany plots and outrageous characters will stretch your belief and tug at your heart.

WARNING: These stories contain exaggeration, elision, and disregard for “the real world.” Some even exhibit a tone of blatant optimism. However, they respect human speech patterns, admire good grammar, and hold proper punctuation in the highest regard.

If you had the foresight and good sense to pre-order the Kindle version, Unpredictable Worlds is already on your device, ready to read.

If you waited for release day, please feel free to get it now on Kindle, in paperback, or paperback at Amazon.

And don’t miss the Unpredictable Worlds blog tour, which uncovered a few secrets the author never knew she was keeping.

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