New Accolade for The Abencerraje

Top 20The Abencerraje: A New Translation has been a hit since it was first published a year ago. Within a month of release, it attained Top 20 status on the Amazon Literary Fiction list. More importantly, it also received high praise in unsolicited reviews from sensitive wordsmiths who love history.

Now, the greatest compliment imaginable: the dual language soft cover version has been adopted as a textbook for a course this autumn at Sarah Lawrence College.

The footnotes in the English version were created with university students in mind, so I’m thrilled to have a chance to see whether they work for this audience. I’m open to any suggestions professors or instructors have after using the book in a classroom setting. I’d love to make this translation a useful and attractive book that garners even more readers for this enchanting tale.

Thank you very much to Prof. Esther Fernández and the bookstore at Sarah Lawrence.

Other Spanish departments, take note!

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