A New Edition of the Beloved Laughing Princess Complete with Full-Color Pictures


A new edition of Seymour Hamilton’s The Laughing Princess has come to Açedrex. It’s in a special wide softcover format because it is our first fully illustrated book! Shirley MacKenzie, who created the cover of the first edition, has created a full-page, full-color illustration for each of the twelve stories as well as a new cover and endpiece. There are also line drawings of the littlest dragon that demonstrate the way he grows in power and size with each story he tells.

This is a handsome volume readers would love to have on their bookshelves!


Read more about it |Read an inspiring excerpt | Listen to and download the free audiobook

Find it today: CreateSpace | Amazon | request it at your library!

Ebooks (View in landscape for best results): Kindle | Kindle Canada | Kindle UK | Nook | Kobo

The non-illustrated edition is still available at very economical prices: Softcover | Softcover at BN | your favorite independent 

and in ebook: Kindle  | Kindle UKNook | Kobo |Google PlayBook Country

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