Building Utopia Out of Dystopia, New from Marie Danielle Frankson

Popular Açedrex author Marie Danielle Frankson returns with her new novel, a departure from her previous ones because it’s a post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

Imagine going about your daily life when, in the blink of an eye, everything changes. One moment, you’re writing an essay in the campus library, then the next you’re thrust into an intergalactic battle between good versus evil. Emily and Ryan, a twenty-something Christian couple, find themselves in such a position. Will the two join the forces of good and help defend their home planet? Will the hectic times force the two apart emotionally and physically? Will the two find the utopia they so desperately seek? In this apocalyptic world where nothing is certain, anything is possible if one is desperate enough.

This book contains adult situations and language. It also presents serious reflections on God’s intentions for humankind relevant to today’s Christians.

For its debut on Kindle and Nook, get it for a very low price (the lowest allowed, in fact!) — quick, before it goes up on July 14!

Kindle | Kindle UK | Nook | Kobo

Also available in paperback.

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